Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Etsy Shop

I started an Etsy Shop in the fall of last year. I've been talking about doing it for so long and finally got around to making it. I'm hoping to add to the paintings I've posted, and possibly makes some blankets or dresses soon too. Check it it out here MillieStrong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm back!

Alright, it's been WAY too long since I've written on my blog. Looking at those photos on my last entries of how little Sophia was makes me realize how much has changed in just over a year. We have a new sweet addition to our family, baby Nora! It's been a very busy transition to having two girls and I'm now feeling like I can get back to some routines. It's so fun watching them make each other laugh. I just know they will be such good friends one day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Weekend

Although I don't have big romantic plans for the weekend I intend to get in the spirit of Valentines Day. Tonight I'm going to see "Valentine's Day" with some girlfriends which I'm totally excited about! I'm also going to make some very yummy chocolate treats:Chocolate, Strawberry & Cookie Parfait and Instant Chocolate Mousse (I tried this one last weekend and it was super easy and delicious!). Throw in a few romantic chick flicks I've got in the movie collection and I think I'm set!

Something that inspires some LOVE to me

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kids Playroom

Sophia is getting her own room beginning of March which has got me looking at play rooms for ideas. Although it isn't in my budget right now to do much other than her bed and some storage for toys, it's so fun to dream about a time when creating an amazing play room is possible! The Land of Nod is one of my favorite new sites. Love the set up for crafts and play time!

The Splat Mat (stain resistant and reversible!)

Bankable Bookcases (love them!)

The cutest kitchen for future chefs

Chalk Board wall- endless drawings

Oh I love this wall! Lots of fun!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bean Bag Toss

I found some fun projects on a great tutorial type blog called Make Baby I need a little help with finding some new activities with a toddler who is getting tired of all her toys. How that's possible with the amount of toys strung about of living room, I'm not sure! I'm going to attempt to make this bean bag toss game during this week- I'll post my own bean bag toss photos when I'm done. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Who doesn't love babies?? Come on, everyone does! I'm totally excited about this movie coming out in April. It's on Bradey and my "must see" list. Check out the trailer.
Caution: Viewing this may cause you to want to baby, really really bad!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where to go from here

I love to read blogs. I really could spend the majority of Sophia's nap looking through blogs. My "Millie" bookmark folder on the computer is getting so full because I put everything interesting in there so I don't forget about it. I now have resorted to making another folder to control the overflow! That being confessed, I am going to start posting the cool things I find. Out of my folders and onto my blog so I can look back at them when I want as well as share them with you. Hope you enjoy.

While browsing the Anthropologie website, I found this wonderful doll: Miss Doodle Doll. It's such a fun idea to be able to create your personalized doll, then throw it in the wash and start all over again. Love it!